Residence Permit

1. What is a residence permit in Turkey and why it is needed.
If you plan to stay in Turkey for a longer period that a non-visa regime allows, then a residency should be officially executed. In case of violation of the non-visa stay period, a penalty will be imposed at the airport, moreover, entry to Turkey may be prohibited for a certain period. To legalize your stay, it is important to prepare a full set of documents for all members of your family beforehand.

A document confirming the lawfulness of foreigner's long stay in Turkey is a residence permit.
It is called Ikamet.

Citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, Litva, Georgia, Estonia, Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Moldova could stay in the country without visa for up to 90 days within 180 days.
First stay of Belarus citizens should not exceed 30 days. Russian citizens could stay in Turkey without Ikamet in total for 60 days in half a year.

There are several types of residence permit depending on duration of the allowed stay in Turkey: short-term, long-term, limitless (after 8 years of continuous residence in Turkey).

Grounds for obtaining a residence permit: Real estate lease (touristic residence permit).

Real estate ownership (according to TAPU).
Medical care.
Marriage with a Turkish citizen.
Humanitarian purposes.

More details regarding residence permit types and relevant information on obtaining Ikamet could be found at the official governmental resource of e-ikame (

Important! Not all real estate is suitable for relocation. Four neighbourhoods of Alanya are temporarily closed for residence permit (Kestel, Kargicak, Avsallar, and Mahmutlar), as well as some neighbourhoods of Antalya and Istanbul, the list is constantly changing (the relevant list of closed neighbourhoods could be found at governmental site: ). Residence permit is not granted to owners who purchased real estate in closed neighbourhoods later than May, 2023. We will help you select appropriate objects in neighbourhoods open for residence permit.

Due to real estate price increase all over the country new requirements were introduced in 2023.

Ikamet based on ownership certificate is issued for real estate, acquired in open neighbourhoods or for the objects in closed neighbourhoods, acquired before April 26, 2023.
The price of real estate should be more than USD 200,000, if it is located in a densely-populated town. That is the minimal requirement for Alanya. Price requirement is applied to estimated value of an object, but not to cadastral value. Moreover, investor should pay a full cost of an object, payment by instalments is not acceptable.

A spouse, as well as minor children could be included into an application together with the owner.
A request for issue of residence permit is reviewed by immigration authorities within 90 days.
Application status could be found at

Stay Property consultants continually monitor the situation and will select objects suitable for obtaining a residence permit. After-sales service includes support in obtaining Ikamet for all our customers.

2. Procedure of obtaining a residence permit

  • 1

    To prepare documents for residence permit in accordance with applicable requirements of immigration service and your citizenship. Please pay attention, the requirements are constantly changing. Specify all details with our consultant prior to your departure to Turkey for of real estate acquisition and obtaining Ikamet.

  • 2

    Apply for obtaining a residence permit at Our consultants will help you correctly fill in all forms and send an application.

  • 3

    Book interview (randevu) date at the same website.

  • 4

    Pay duties in the immigration office.

  • 5

    Visit an interview (randevu) and talk to immigration service officer.

After-sales service managers will accompany in obtaining a residence permit, to avoid any problems or possible mistakes during collection and correct filing in the documents. After-sales service managers will accompany you at every step of obtaining Ikamet. Every detail is of great importance, therefore, you should better trust the professionals in order not to waste your time.

3. List of documents for obtaining a residence permit (a text box, a list)

Essential documents required for filing Ikamet residence permit based on TAPU ownership document for real estate in Turkey:
1. Passport copy – first page and page with a mark of border control confirming entry into Turkey. You should bring your original passport to the interview.
2. Apartment ownership document – TAPU.
3. Tax Identification Number (vergi numarası), issued in the territory of the Turkish Republic.
4. Biometric photographs on white background as per standard form and size.
5. Iskan (a technical passport of a real estate, confirming substantial completion).
6. Address verification form (numarataj).
7. Policy of obligatory medical insurance. The medical insurance policy is not required for children under 18 years and elderly people over 65 years.
8. Copy of apartment’s expert evaluation, executed at the time of acquisition.

Pay attention! In case of other popular type of residence permit – touristic residence permit by property renting but not an ownership – a migration service will require some other documents.
For example, a proof of funds for living in Turkey, official employment in other country stating the salary, pension and others.

Important! When applying for residence permit for family members it is necessary to submit apostilled and translated into Turkish marriage certificates and birth certificates for children.

The above mentioned list is an approximate reference and should not be considered as a comprehensive list. Some alterations may become implemented, then it is recommended to keep in touch with your Stay Property manager in advance to get full information on relevant requirements of migration service.

Stay Property consultants assume all troubles in preparation of the documents for residence permit and will make this process as comfortable and time saving as possible.

4. Taxes and duties

Tax rates and duties are often changed, you can get the most relevant information from Stay Property consultants. Basic expenditures include execution of residence permit, as well as policy of obligatory medical insurance. Its price depends on the applicants age.

Selection of objects for residence permit
We will select apartments suitable for obtaining a residence permit
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