Online acquisition

You have already chosen a real estate object in Turkey and have planned its acquisition, but do not have time for a trip? Licensed real estate agency and Stay Property development company would help you arrange a remote transaction!

The online procedure of real estate selection and acquisition in Turkey is simple, legal, safe and does not require any special preparations.

1. Object Selection
We select objects on the basis of your search criteria and wishes and then arrange its online demonstration. Once you receive a comprehensive and detailed information as well as answers to all your questions, you will be able to choose the object suitable for you.

2. Contract Execution
Once object is chosen you should send us a copy of your international passport as long as your parents’ names in Latin (as it is written in their international passports).
An authorized representative of Stay Property fills in a contract with your passport details and full data on the object. The contract specifies all provisions of a transaction: instalments availability, payment schedule, apartment specification, layout, and miscellaneous provisions.

3. Contract Signing
Once contract is filled, scanned copies are sent to you via any convenient messenger or by e-mail. Then you print the contract and sign it. A signed copy of the contract should be sent to Stay Property, where it will be signed by the second party.

4. Contract Receiving
Once the contract is signed by both parties, you will receive a scanned copy of it. An original contract could be sent by international postal service upon your request.

5. Depositing (booking)
You should pay a security deposit in the amount specified in advance in order to book an apartment.

6. Repayment of the Principal Amount
Then you should make a payment via bank transfer. The proof of the payment should be a bank receipt. If payment is made in cash by the authorized person, the proof of payment will be a receipt issued by our Accountant Department. You could select and discuss a convenient method of payment with your personal manager of Stay Property.

7. TAPU Obtaining
Once payment is received in full, a developer issues documents required for obtaining an ownership document (TAPU). You can receive TAPU by yourself in Turkey or make a power of attorney for a representative of Stay Property who will execute a TAPU in your name without any involvement from your side. This power of attorney is issued for particular actions, that could be made by our representative in your name.
The final documents will be sent to you via our representative offices in your country or will be handed to your representative in Turkey.

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