Land in Turkey

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Update 25.02.2024

Alanya, Tepe

ID LN027

Plot of land in the picturesque Tepe district

  • Square: 12907 sq. m.

  • Type: Land plot

Alanya, Kargicak

ID LN026

Land for construction in Kargicak

  • Square: 449 sq. m.

  • Type: Land plot

Gazipasha, Alanya,

ID LN025

Plot of land on the Mediterranean coast

  • Square: 3819 sq. m.

  • Type: Land plot

Alanya, Konakli

ID LN024

Plot of land in Konakli district, Alanya

  • Square: 5302 sq. m.

  • Type: Land plot

Alanya, Payallar

ID LN023

Land plots on the first coastline in Payallar, Alanya

  • Square: 9834 sq. m.

  • Type: Land plot

Alanya, Turkler

ID LN022

Large land plot in Turkler district, 550 m to the sea

  • Square: 12226 sq. m.

  • Type: Land plot

Alanya, Avsallar

ID LN021

Land plot for construction in Avsallar

  • Square: 1959 sq. m.

  • Type: Land plot

Alanya, Kargicak

ID LN020

Small plot for construction in Alanya, Kargicak district

  • Square: 541 sq. m.

  • Type: Land plot

Alanya, Kargicak

ID LN019

Land plot in Kargicak overlooking the sea and Alanya Castle

  • Square: 1500 sq. m.

  • Type: Land plot

Alanya, Demirtash

ID LN018

Land in 500 m from the sea - Keshefli district, Demirtas

  • Square: 2198 sq. m.

  • Type: Land plot

Alanya, Oba

ID LN016

Large land in Oba district

  • Square: 4100 sq. m.

  • Type: Land plot

Alanya, Kestel

ID LN015

Land in Alanya, Kestel district

  • Square: 2182 sq. m.

  • Type: Land plot

Alanya, Kargicak

ID LN011

Land in Kargıcak district

  • Square: 806 sq. m.

  • Type: Land plot

Alanya, Uzumlu

ID LN007

Large land in picturesque place in Alanya

  • Square: 2073 sq. m.

  • Type: Land plot

Alanya, Kargicak

ID LN012

Land for sea view villa building in Kargicak

  • Square: 388 sq. m.

  • Type: Land plot

Alanya, Payallar

ID LN014

Land for construction in Payallar district

  • Square: 1048 sq. m.

  • Type: Land plot

Alanya, Incekum

ID LN010

Land for villa construction in Incekum district

  • Square: 782 sq. m.

  • Type: Land plot

Alanya, Kleopatra

ID LN008

Building land in 200 m from Cleopatra beach

  • Square: 276 sq. m.

  • Type: Land plot

Alanya, Tepe

ID LN006

Development land in Tepe district

  • Square: 1500 sq. m.

  • Type: Land plot

Alanya, Demirtash

ID LN005

Land for construction of boutique complex in Demirtash district

  • Square: 947 sq. m.

  • Type: Land plot

Alanya, Mahmutlar

ID LN004

Land in Mahmutlar for the construction of residential complex

  • Square: 619 sq. m.

  • Type: Land plot

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Welcome to the realm of endless possibilities with our diverse selection of land for sale in Turkey. Land acquisition is a gateway to shaping your dreams, be it building a home, a business, or a holiday retreat. At Stay Property, we offer a curated range of land plots that cater to various aspirations, allowing you to invest in a canvas of potential.

How Much Does Land in Turkey Cost?

The cost of land in Turkey varies widely based on factors such as location, size, and potential use. Prime locations like urban centers and coastal areas typically command higher prices due to their desirability and convenience. Land near tourist hotspots or major infrastructure tends to be more expensive, as it offers strategic advantages.

The price of land also reflects the development potential of the area. Coastal land, for instance, might be priced higher due to its potential for tourism-related projects. In contrast, rural land might offer more budget-friendly options, perfect for those seeking a peaceful retreat.

What Can You Build in Turkey?

The possibilities for construction on land in Turkey are extensive and flexible. Depending on the size and zoning regulations of the land plot, you can build various types of properties, both residential and commercial. Residential options range from single-family homes to multi-unit buildings, while commercial properties include offices, retail spaces, and more.

The flexibility in construction allows you to tailor the property to your needs and objectives. Whether you envision a luxurious villa overlooking the sea or a commercial complex at the heart of a bustling city, the choice is yours to make.

Why Buy Land for Sale in Turkey?

The reasons to invest in land in Turkey are as diverse as the land plots themselves. Individuals, investors, and developers all find value in land acquisition for different purposes:

·        Investment Potential: Land in strategically located areas has the potential for substantial appreciation over time, making it an attractive investment option.

·        Customization: Owning land provides the opportunity to build a property that aligns perfectly with your vision and preferences.

·        Rental Income: Developed properties can generate rental income, especially in tourist-driven regions or urban centers.

·        Strategic Ventures: Entrepreneurs and businesses can capitalize on land to create commercial spaces that cater to the needs of the local community.

How to Buy Land in Turkey?

The process of buying land in Turkey involves several steps:

·        Research: Identify your objectives and conduct thorough research on the location, regulations, and potential uses of the land.

·        Legal Consultation: Engage with legal professionals who specialize in real estate to ensure a smooth and secure transaction.

·        Ownership Checks: Verify the land's ownership and title deed status to prevent any legal complications.

·        Transaction: Upon finding the right land plot, proceed with the transaction process, which typically includes signing a contract and transferring funds.

·        Title Deed Transfer: The final step involves transferring the title deed to your name, solidifying your ownership.

Learn how to buy an apartment for sale in Turkey.


Investing in land in Turkey opens doors to creativity, growth, and value. With diverse options and the freedom to shape your dreams, buying land is an investment in potential. At Stay Property, we're dedicated to guiding you through this transformative journey, ensuring you find the land plot that aligns with your goals.

Seize the opportunity to create something remarkable. Contact us today to explore our exclusive range of land plots for sale in Turkey and embark on a path of limitless possibilities.