Heating in Alanya in winter

For many potential buyers of real estate in the Mediterranean Sea resorts, it comes as a surprise that there is no central heating in the cities. While there is gas and heating in some houses in Antalya, there is none yet in a more resort-like Alanya. But with the rapid growth of the permanent population, a gasification project of the city will be implemented in the foreseeable future. It has been recently mentioned by the regional media. How people get warm during winter in Alanya.

Weather conditions vary from year to year; 2021 was extremely cold for Alanya. The average temperature outside in January-February is 15C above zero, in apartments without central heating the average temperature is around 17-19C above zero. For some people it is very cold, for others it is enough to sleep in warm pajamas without even turning on an air conditioner. All people are different, therefore, there is no universal answer to the question whether one can survive a winter in Alanya without central heating in the apartment.

The temperature at night could be 2-5C above zero, while day temperature outside could be higher than inside, especially, when the sun is shining brightly the whole day. Opening windows during those days is a good idea. Alanya is the southernmost city on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and it is sunny here 300 days a year. In winter, the weather is changeable, sometimes it rains, but the rains are rarely long-lasting. There can be a shower and, then, the next minute the sun is shining brightly again.

For [heating??] the following are used:

  • Air conditioners
  • Heaters
  • Warm floors

Heated blankets are of particular popularity here. In old, non-tourists Turkish cities, people heat their housing with special wood-burning stoves similar to a potbelly stove. Such a device is called soba. However, in resort, Alanya soba is not common. Stoves in every house and apartment mean the burning smell on the streets and ashes on the balconies.

For those who chose property in Alanya for a summer season, the northern part will suit better. For those who want more sun and warmth during winters, the southern part is a better option. However, there is no universal recipe for choosing housing according to the cardinal directions, since apartments may have windows on different sides and much depends on the house location and the floor.

For those who are planning to live in Turkey during winter, it is also important to choose the housing based on the window quality; if they are panoramic, then take note of the floor and distance to the sea. The closer to the water, the higher the humidity in the house during winter, and, therefore, the colder it feels. First line is good for recreation, but for spending winter, such an apartment will require a well though-out heating system.

It is important to maintain the temperature in the apartment in winter, avoiding big temperature swings, otherwise, mold can start forming even with the highest construction quality. In this regard, the most convenient is to buy property under construction and order warm floors prior to the start of the renovation inside the apartments. The electricity bill will be high in this case, but this is relevant to any country, where central heating or other types of heating is in place.

Heating is always a luxury. That is why in many southern cities, even in Europe, there is no heating at all. But in Alanya you can save a lot on winter outerwear and footwear for the whole family, and this is also significant. Walking around the green winter Alanya is a delight for the eyes!

To consider all the pros and cons, assess the climate, and the perspective of permanent residence in Turkey, come and go on a real estate viewing tour in winter. Stay Property organizes such tours any time of the year. For a consultation, please contact one of our managers.

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