Why is the residence and the apartment different?

Residence and apartment have some differences but some people don’t understand it. So, it’s necessary to focus on the features of every type of house to stop getting confused in terms.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Living In A Residence

Residence is a real estate that offers owners additional services like a swimming pool, SPA, and so on. These are the advantages of the type of house:

1. High security rating. There are a concierge and video surveillance in most of tem.

2. All the necessary socially important infrastructure facilities are near the house.

Here are the disadvantages of the flats:

·         high rent;

·         if you want to make a renovation you have to get the agreement of every owner.

Residence is very popular in Turkey. If you want to buy it just contact Stay Property company.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Apartment Living

Apartments are also very popular in Turkey due to lower prices. Its main features are the following:

·         the cheaper cost and rent;

·         possibly to find the property in the center or in the suburb;

·         easy to find the tenant.

Apartments also have some disadvantages. So, the house can be rather far from social infrastructure.

It will be easier to choose the best property in compliance with your financial features and demands while knowing the difference between the apartment and the residence.

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