Why buy an apartment on the sea when there are hotels

  According to the practice, many people don’t like to live in hotels and they book apartments when they are in another city or country. Property near the sea is in great demand. People don’t want to spend a lot of time going to the beach. Moreover, they prefer to see the sea from windows. As a result, foreign investors are interested to buy apartments in this area.

Why Choose Alanya

There are several tourist cities in Turkey but many investors prefer to buy apartments in Alanya. There
are several reasons to buy apartment in Alanya:
  1. High profitability of real estate. It is easy to resell it and return the investment if necessary.
  2. If there are no plans to move to Turkey, the apartment will be easy to rent out to get a stable monthly income
  3. Developed infrastructure. Shops, restaurants, bus stops, schools, hospitals, and other infrastructure is near residential complexes.
  4. Soft climate. It is about 2 degrees warmer than in other tourist cities in Alanya.
  5. The value of real estate is constantly growing. The apartments’ price near the sea is growing up to 100% per year. You couldn’t find such investment income in any European country.  

It makes people buy apartments in Alanya.

All Inclusive vs. Vacationing In Your Own Apartment

All-inclusive vacations usually involve staying at a resort or hotel where all meals, drinks, and activities
are included in the price. It’s a stress-free option for those who want to relax and not worry about
planning and organizing their vacation.
The rest in your own apartment or rental property can offer more flexibility and independence. You
have the freedom to cook your own meals, and come and go as you want while exploring the local area at your own pace. This option can help you save a lot of money.
So, you should choose the variant of your vocations in compliance with your demands and financial

A Microcosm Of A Hotel Or a Whole City

Hotels can offer guests everything they need. As a result, there is no need to go out of the hotel area.
Many people really like it because they can have a rest and forget about problems. That’s why they
won’t book apartments to live in abroad.

Income And Expenses For An Apartment In Turkey

According to Numbeo, a website that provides cost of living information for countries around the world, the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Alanya is around 3,000 liras. The cost of utilities like electricity, water, and gas can add an additional 500-600 liras per month. Other expenses include internet and cable TV, which can cost around 100-150 liras per month.
So, if you have apartments near the city, you could rent it out to get some income. It will be easy to find people who will want to live in the flat. That’s why many foreign investors are trying to purchase real estate near the sea.

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