Where to buy property in Turkey for a residence permit

Foreiners need to show reasons and finansial possibilities to legalize a long stay in Turkey. A residence permit can be obtained by renting or buying a property, as well as on the basis of marriage with a Turkish citizen, for education, treatment, scientific activities.

Türkiye gives a residence permit with some important adjustments in 2023. If you plan to buy an apartment in Turkey for obtaining residence, it must be area opened for residential permit, that is, without restrictions on issuing an ikamet. They were introduced in connection with the large influx of foreigners wishing to settle in the country in 2022-2023. Areas where the threshold of 20% of non-residents among residents has been exceeded have been closed.

Are the sea, nature and comfort important to you? For those who would like to buy property in Turkey near good beaches and in a developed resort region, cities on the Mediterranean coast, such as Antalya, its Alanya region, Mersin and Gazipasa, are suitable.

Resort life is successfully intertwined with a comfortable life in Alanya and all its regions. In addition to hotel recreation, the city has a constantly growing social infrastructure, everything works and there is activity all year round. There are kindergartens, schools, colleges and universities available to foreigners, high-quality medical care under insurance, there is a trade infrastructure, transport.

Also in the vicinity of the city there are many beautiful places for outdoor recreation, restaurants on mountain rivers, sights, landscape parks. All this within 10-20 minutes drive from home. Foreigners choose Alanya for its cozy atmosphere, there is no feeling of fatigue from the urban environment and life like in an anthill, even in densely built-up central areas and in the famous Mahmutlar.

Alanya is a relatively safe area in terms of seismic activity. There are never significant earthquakes here, only echoes are felt. The safest place in all of Turkey in terms of seismic activity is Konya, remote from the sea, and the coastal city of Gazipasa, 40 km from Alanya, where the new international airport is located.

In recent years, apartments in Alanya have risen in price significantly. In general, in the province of Antalya there was the most significant increase in prices in Turkey. The sea, infrastructure and a large selection of real estate attract more and more potential expats here. The minimum cost of a 1+1 apartment with one bedroom and a living room in a modern house with a pool and recreation areas is from € 90,000 as of May 2023, and prices continue to rise.

If you are interested in apartments in Turkey for a full-fledged move, plan to learn a language, join the environment, look for a job or open a business, the city of Gazipasa opens up many opportunities. Now it is experiencing a construction boom, the local authorities are planning to develop a chic resort here with many new luxury hotels. However, real estate prices in Alanya are now slightly higher than in Gazipasa, and here you can find a good option for a family move, not far from the city center.

Antalya and coastal Mersin are also popular with foreigners. Locations are suitable for those who would like to live with the feeling of a big city. There are significantly fewer beaches and resort infrastructure, but more social infrastructure. It will be more difficult to adapt and live without knowing the Turkish language than in the resort of Alanya, that is, there is also a large diaspora of the English-speaking and Russian-speaking population.

To obtain a residence permit, an apartment must have a value of 75,000 US dollars, according to an expert real estate appraisal. Since the cadastral value is fixed in lira, it is desirable that it be with a margin, given the fluctuations in the exchange rate.

Renting a house in Turkey is not a strong argument for obtaining a residence permit, the state requires a non-resident to provide evidence of sufficient income to live in Turkey. There are no problems with obtaining a residence permit by right of ownership of an apartment, but the area must be open, and the property must already be in a residential condition.

An important nuance is that a residence permit issued for rental housing in Turkey is considered tourist and does not give grounds to apply for citizenship after 5 years, as is the case with a residence permit of a property owner. You can immediately apply for citizenship by purchasing real estate with an official value of 400,000 US dollars, the procedure takes an average of six months. The passport is obtained by the spouses of the owners and children under 18 years of age.

If you are interested in housing in Turkey for moving and obtaining an ikamet (residence permit), contact our manager for a free consultation. The current prices for real estate in Alanya and Istanbul you can see in the catalog on our website.

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