What is a studio apartment?

Studio apartment is a very popular type of real estate. It is perfect for students, travellers, and families without babies. The property has a high rental potential. So, it’s necessary to understand the main features of the apartments.

What Is A Studio Flat

It’s a property that has a compact living area. The bedroom, kitchen, and living room are combined in one room. The layout typically lacks walls to separate the sleeping and living areas, although the kitchen may or may not be partitioned. The bathroom is divided by walls according to the law. The studio apartment is the American type of real estate.

As for the 1-bedroom flat, it has several walls that divide the bedroom from other areas.

Different Types Of Studio Flat

America has presented the world with 2 types of flats:

1. Self-contained. It is called a single room with all the necessary facilities.

2. Semi-studio is smaller. According to the practice, there is no place for the bedroom and toilet. As a result, people need to share bathroom facilities with other residents of the house. It’s like a student residence.

Studio apartments are cheaper than flats that’s why many investors prefer to buy it in abroad. Stay Property company is ready to help you in searching for the perfect real estate.

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