Payallar is a new district of Alanya

Payallar is located only 9 km away from the center of Alanya, on the side of the Cleopatra beach. Such location guarantees the comfort of living and recreation. Proximity to the city center also serves as an indicator for investors.

This district has unoccupied lands for construction, soon there will be built new Alanya, gorgeous and luxurious with 6 km along the coastline with a comfortable sea entrance, gently sloping coast, and well-equipped beaches.

There are schools, a lyceum, hospital, clinic, dentistry, supermarkets, grocery stores, stores of various good categories, gas stations, ATMs, pharmacies, and souvenir shops in Payallar. There is also a big pine forest nearby. Infrastructure is also present in a neighboring district, Konakli. There are primarily hotels on the first coastal line, further into the district there are numerous greenhouses and low-rise residential quarters. This is a district with a prospect of rapid development. This is also evidenced by the fact that the administration has allocated financial resources towards the improvement of the Payalla's beach strip. What is planned: a 4-km long two-way bike lane, a promenade path, picnic areas, a playground, outside gym equipment, a park, an observation deck, a café, a beach volleyball court, basketball court, a parking lot for 150 spaces.

Another advantage of Payallar district for buying real estate here is the construction of a big modern hospital on an area of 13.4 hectares.

Construction of a multi-brand shopping center has also been started here. In the neighboring areas there is also a famous nightclub Summer Garden, Sealanya Seapark, and dolphinarium Sealanya.

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