Turkish Passport Rose in Henley Passport Index in 2024

The Henley Passport Index shows how many countries you can visit with different country's passport without visas. The indicator for Turkey in 2023 was relevant for 111 countries, and in 2024 is is already 118 countries.

Türkiye ranks 52nd in the “passport strength” ranking.

The entire list of countries and an interactive map are shown on the ranking website: henleyglobal.com/passport-index/ranking

The possibility of visa-free visits to 227 countries is being assessed.

Passport power in 2024, ranking leaders:

  • 1st place, 194 visa-free destinations: France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain and Singapore.

  • 2nd place, 193 visa-free destinations: South Korea, Finland and Sweden.

  • 3rd place, 192 visa-free destinations: Austria, Denmark, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Japan and Singapore have stood out as the "world's most powerful passports" for the past 5 years.

The highest year-on-year growth was recorded for the UAE passport. Ukraine and China are among the top 5 countries that have improved their rankings the most over the past 10 years.

Henley & Partners Managing Partner in Turkey Burak Demirel spoke about the significance of the rating: “Both visa liberalization and investment migration are an important lever for the economic progress of countries. The force field created by passports is the main point of this leverage.”

How to Get Turkish Passport in 2024

Türkiye is one of the countries where it is easiest to obtain a passport for purchasing real estate. The required value of real estate itself is comparatively lower than in many countries with a citizenship by investment program.

As of January 2024, the cadastral value of real estate under a passport must be at least $400,000. There are not so many objects with a high cadastral value, and there are also a number of other requirements for the objects, not all real estate meets them. We have a number of advantageous offers for liquid, modern housing stock in Istanbul and Alanya (“Turkish Riviera”, Antalya province). You can find out more in a personal consultation with the Stay Property manager.

Many countries with a “strong” passport do not offer any opportunities at all to obtain a passport by investment. There are different options for obtaining a residence permit and visa.

Turkish passport is often obtained for: business development, financial transactions, US business visas, career prospects, social guarantees and other benefits of citizenship.

Second citizenship is an important tool for planning the future, doing business, and personal security. Türkiye is loyal and does not provide data on foreigners who own real estate. Confirmation of the source and legalization of money for real estate is not required, as in most EU countries.

Is it Worth Getting a Turkish Passport Through Investing in Real Estate?

After purchasing real estate and receiving a passport, it is not necessary to reside in the country. You can sel ect a property for rent, with a high potential for growth in value for further resale.

With Turkish citizenship, foreign youth have access to a large selection of prestigious professions that are not available to foreigners. The cost of education at Turkish universities is lower than in the EU.

Turkey's economy is one of the fastest growing in the world, ranking 11th in the world in terms of economic development and 4th in Europe, according to the IMF.

Stay Property offers the Full Turnkey Citizenship service! Fr om selecting real estate to obtaining a Turkish passport using a simplified procedure for the owner, spouse and children under 18 years of age. The cost threshold is expected to increase from $400,000 to at least $600,000, do not delay your consultation.

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