Turkish Citizenship for $250,000 is Possible. Exclusive Offer from Stay Property

In 2023 - 2024 foreigners can still obtain Turkish citizenship by the way of investments in real estate. But the requirements for objects for purchase have changed. In addition, a possible increase in the required minimum cadastral value of real estate for obtaining a passport fr om $400 thousand to a million is being actively discussed. By how much, and whether they will actually increase it, no one knows.

The program was open in 2017 and then to obtain a Turkish passport you had to buy real estate with a cadastral value of $1 million or more. In 2018, the amount decreased to $250 thousand. And then fr om June 13, 2022 it was increased to $400 thousand.

From 10/16/23, the minimum cost of real estate for obtaining a residence permit by right of ownership was raised from $75 thousand immediately to $200 thousand, and suddenly, against the backdrop of conflicts in the Middle East and the potential flow of refugees, and the preceding wave of migration from Russia and Ukraine. A tourist residence permit for rent is generally issued and extended in rare cases.

New Rules for Obtaining Turkish Passport in 2023/2024

A number of changes to the legislation have been adopted, and now, in order to obtain a Turkish passport for purchased real estate, it is necessary that other foreigners have not previously received passports for it.

The property must be owned by a Turkish citizen for at least 3 years. The new owner who has received Turkish citizenship by investment cannot sell the property for which citizenship was obtained for 3 years starting from the receipt of the passport, and not the date of registration of the Tapu, otherwise you may lose citizenship.

In Tapu, real estate must have only one owner, who applies for a passport; shared ownership is not suitable. With it, a spouse and children under 18 years of age can obtain citizenship.

When concluding a transaction using a passport, it is important to comply with a number of requirements for paperwork and payment.

How to Choose Real Estate in Turkey for Obtaining Citizenship

It is safe and secure to buy primary real estate from a developer using your passport. In the secondary housing market, there is no guarantee that none of the previous owners of the property received citizenship. Of course, you can check, and in our catalog there are many good objects on the secondary market that we vouch for. But you have to be careful.

Objects that are 5 years old or more already have an inverse price trend. And after 3 (in fact, at least 3.5 years, including waiting for a passport) years, this trend will intensify even more. New real estate is an asset that is growing in value and meets modern standards of comfort and quality of construction.

Special Conditions for Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Investment from €250,000

Thanks to an offer from the developer Sty Property, you can apply for passports by purchasing real estate with a down payment of €250,000. This offer is for those who are willing to pay the balance in installments without interest. Thus, upon payment of 50% of the property price in some construction projects from Sty Property, you receive Tapu ownership documents and the company begins the process of obtaining Turkish passports for you.

The procedure takes 4-6 months. Documents are submitted without an exam on knowledge of the Turkish language and history.

It is possible to process the purchase and submit documents online.

Don't miss this unique service - Turkish Citizenship on a turnkey basis from Stay Property.

Exclusive Real Rstate for Turkish Citizenship

The offer is relevant for company projects with year-round recreational infrastructure and a top location:

Exodus Panorama: comfortable complex in Istanbul near the Aydos forest, with recreation areas and infrastructure on site. Cadastral value of apartments from 200,000 USD. By the way, the project is also suitable for a residence permit according to the new requirements for cadastral value. And a residence permit can be issued after the purchase, while the complex will be completed until 2025, and your apartment will pleasantly increase in price.

If you prefer the Mediterranean coast, without skyscrapers and the frantic rhythms of the metropolis, consider these options:

Exodus Twins: an elite residence on the first line of the sea in the famous Mahmutlar area. The location provides comfortable living conditions. Limited quality real estate. The complex stands out clearly among the old housing stock of the long-built first line.

Exodus Aqua: townhouses in Alanya with access to the pool from the living room. The complex is being built near a coniferous forest, on a panoramic hill by the sea in the Konakli area, 10 minutes from the center. Premium low-rise building within walking distance from a comfortable sandy beach.

Exodus Premium Town: elite area of ​​Kargicak, luxurious design of villas, 100% privacy, clean air, panorama of the whole of Alanya, sea and mountains. One of the most beautiful places for those who are looking for green locations away from noise, but within the resort area and 5-10 minutes drive from city infrastructure.

The tapu for all these projects already exists and is ready for registration in the name of the owner.

Based on the cost of real estate and registration conditions, a Turkish passport is one of the most affordable options. Hurry up to take advantage of the option of citizenship for investment in real estate before the minimum cost is increased.

Türkiye still adheres to a certain foreign policy neutrality and independence. This is a relatively “safe haven” for life, for the safety of any plans to manage them - for business, investments, financial transactions.

The Turkish side does not ask wh ere you get the money for real estate. Unlike many other countries with a citizenship by investment program and residence permit.

A Turkish passport will also allow you to invest in foreign real estate and open bank accounts, wh ere this is problematic for Russian citizens.

You can learn about other advantages of a Turkish passport during a free consultation. Contact the manager using the online contact form on the right.

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