Turkey's Economy is in the Ranking of the Strongest

The countries that are predicted to be among the five largest economies in the world have been announced. Türkiye is in the TOP 5!

A list of the world's potential five largest economies by 2030 has been compiled, according to Standard Chartered Plc.

Standard Chartered Plc provides banking and financial services. Its ranking is based on gross domestic product.

According to the company's forecasts, the largest economies in 2030 will be:

1. China: 64.2 trillion

2. India: 46.3 trillion

3. USA: 31 trillion

4. Indonesia: 10.1 trillion

5. Türkiye: 9.1 trillion

 According to the UNPF ranking, Turkey ranks 19th in terms of demographics, with a population of 86 million.

In The Economist's 2023 ranking of the world's economies, Turkey ranked 15th, despite the problem of high inflation.

Growing economy and demographics = growing investment!

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