To Northern Cyprus for a Residence Permit. What are the Benefits

Türkiye was one of the best places under the sun for relocation for a long time. But, due to the large influx of foreigners wanting to move, obtaining a residence permit become more difficult.

It's no longer possible to obtain residence permit by reining apartment in Türkiye. And the minimum required purchase price of real estate fr om the available $75,000 has increased to $200,000 cadastral value, and not an expert assessment. Also, appeared areas “closed” to residence permits, the most popular among foreigners, because of more than 20% of foreigners of the total population.

In connection with these changes, Northern Cyprus has become the No. 1 alternative for obtaining a residence permit. The main reasons to consider this destination instead of Turkey:

  • No minimum-required value of real estate for a residence permit.

  • You can pay 30% of the first payment, and already apply for a residence permit. The remaining amount is paid in installments without increase in price, until the completion of construction, sometimes over a longer period.

  • Children under 18 years old receive a residence permit automatically.

  • Medical insurance and European level clinics.

  • Excellent English-language education: private schools and a wide choice of universities (more than 20!). But a certain level of knowledge of English is required, depending on the school and university.

An important nuance is that there must be a large amount in the bank account that can be spent, but not completely withdrawn, after applying for a residence permit. And this is not a formality that can be somehow “bypassed”. Therefore, for a comfortable move to Northern Cyprus as a family, you need to calculate a budget for:

  • purchase or rent of real estate,

  • private education for children,

  • bank account under a residence permit,

  • health insurance and other basic expenses.

You shouldn’t count on moving without a financial cushion and remote income, since there is not a lot of work here. A foreigner can open a business in Northern Cyprus, this is legally possible.

The conditions for moving in Northern Cyprus and the costs of a comfortable life are more affordable than in many other countries, including Southern Cyprus, the EU, and the USA. But there are far fewer career opportunities, so people don’t move here for that. The island is often chosen by IT companies for relocation of their entire office.

Real Estate in Northern Cyprus as One of the Basic Advantages of the Island

300 days of sun a year, at least +15℃ in winter, magnificent nature, mountains and sea from all windows. But the main thing that impresses in Northern Cyprus is the real estate and its quality, features, format, which allows the warm climate, and topography.

There are not many people in Cyprus, 314 thousand permanent population in 2024. Apart from the main and most developed city of Girne, car traffic and population density are small. The island residents are friendly, calm, and have a positive attitude towards life, which creates a special atmosphere in Northern Cyprus. Those who are not suitable for relocation in Dubai, or any other big noisy city, will find both comfort of life and tranquility in Northern Cyprus.

The warm climate and requirements for the number of floors of the building make it possible to fully enjoy owning real estate in Northern Cyprus! Swimming pools on site. Recreation areas are always pleasing to the eye with landscape design and an abundance of beautiful plants. Inside there is a gym, sauna, hammam, children's room and other amenities.

All of Northern Cyprus is covered in mountains and greenery. Development in different areas is different, there are all options: high-rise buildings in Girna or Iskil, villas for every taste, complexes of up to 3–5 floors in villages. The cost of 0+1 studio apartments starts from €80,000; a decent two-bedroom apartment can be purchased from €120,000. Repairs are always included in the price, and furnishing and purchasing equipment does not present any difficulties.

There are five districts in Northern Cyprus, they differ in development, infrastructure, prospects for investment, and living conditions. You can travel around the entire island in an hour. So, If you have a car, it is not so important wh ere to buy property in compact Northern Cyprus.

Almost all objects, except for some complexes inside the island, are located within walking distance from the sea. And mountain landscapes are visible everywhere. The island's building density is low and is maintained within reasonable limits by competent territory planning. It is not possible to build everywhere. Northern Cyprus will never lose its magic.

Get advice on prices, layout features, conditions for purchasing real estate and obtaining a residence permit. Our catalog contains all reliable developers, ready-made apartments, villas in Northern Cyprus near the very sea! Use the form to contact the manager online on the website.

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