The cost of living in Turkey in 2023

The cost of living in Turkey is low that’s why many people want to live here. The average salary is also lower. The wage of citizens is about $750 per month only, that’s why it will be better to have an additional stable source of income to live in comfort.

Monthly Cost of Living in Turkey

The minimum living cost is $500 per person. But the amount will depend on the house you need and your eating habits. It’s necessary to spend about $1,000 to have a comfortable life. It’s also possible to purchase an apartment or a villa. Specialists of Stay Property can help you buy real estate in Turkey in compliance with your demands and financial features.

Communication Cost

Everything depends on the operator. The average price for a mobile phone with an unlimited data plan starts at $12 but it’s necessary to study the proposals of operators.

Internet Cost

You will need to pay $10 - $18 every month for Wi-Fi.

Cost of Food in Turkey

The minimum price for eating in a restraint is about $10 only. It will be necessary to pay $150-$300 for the minimum grocery basket for every person for food in Turkey. So, the 3-person family will spend about $500-$900 for food.

Transport Cost

This is the monthly cost of transport in Turkey:

·         bus – $0.7;

·         taxi – $0,5 + $0,74 per km;

·         car - rental per day from 60 - 100 euros.

The transport system is rather developed in Turkey that’s why many people with the average wage use buses and underground.

Cost of Healthy Activities (Gym, Martial Arts, Yoga, Massages) in Turkey

The cost of medical insurance is $100 - $500. Even people with low salaries can purchase it. As for healthy activities, it can vary depending on the house. In some cases, the facilities are included in the cost of rent if you live in a premium-class apartments. So, you won’t need to pay something more.

So, if you are going to move to Turkey, it will be better to launch your own business here or to use other sources of income to live with a high rate of comfort.

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