Private Schools in Alanya. What are the Options for Foreigners

Thinking about moving to sunny Alanya with children? To receive free education, there are 176 schools for children of different ages, the list is on the website: There are also private schools of various formats.

Children receive school education at 14 years of age in 3 stages:

 ▪️ primary school from 5.5 years old (ilk okul);

▪️ secondary school (orta okul);

▪️ high school - lyceum (lise)

According to this system, schools are divided: ilk, orta and lise, colleges.

Primary school is preceded by a compulsory preparatory class anasınıf.

Private schools differ from public schools with a full school day and three meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. Schools have their own unique teaching methods, textbooks are included in the price. All-round development and various clubs are provided, such as modeling, archery, music, theater arts, drawing, foreign languages, sports sections and much more.

For an additional fee, a special transfer takes children from private and municipal schools and brings them back to their home.

Popular private schools in Alanya:


ÖHEP Özel Hamdullah Eminpaşa okulları: a prestigious school with a mathematical bias, foreign languages, and an emphasis on the study of natural sciences. Primary, secondary school and lyceum.

  Çarşı Mah. Hamdullah, Emin Pasha Cad. 07400


TED College: training in Turkish, English and German. There is a tennis court and a swimming pool. The emphasis is on natural sciences. Up to 15 children per class. 15 people. Games on various musical instruments. Full hot meals

Oba, Karakocalı Cd. No:8, 07460


Yedi Bilim Koleji: training in English, clubs and sports sections. There is a tennis court, outdoor basketball court, science laboratory, art and music classes. There are no homework assignments! Lyceum Yedi Bilim is located in the lower Oba.

  Sugözü, 610. Cd. No:24, 07400


Bahçeşehir Koleji: a branch of Istanbul University, with an emphasis on the study of humanities and English. There is an opportunity to fly to the USA for an internship. Excellent students can study for free next year. There is a kindergarten.

  Oba, Tosunlar Cd. No:12, 07460 Alanya/Antalya, Türkiye


Alma Mater: new international (Russian) school

  Sugözü, 610. Cd. No:24, 07400


 İsabet okulları: a modern and incredibly beautiful Muslim school for all ages: kindergarten, elementary, middle, high school. The children of the mayor of Alanya study here.

  1509. Sk. No:5,Kızlar Pınarı,07460


Doğa Koleji: all levels by age, emphasis on learning English, German, studying natural sciences, comprehensive development of the child. Huge area with garden, swimming pool.

   Merkez Mahallesi, Sigorta Cd. No: 18/1, 06810


Waldorf: is a primary and secondary school with a German education system based on the pedagogical concept of the same name.

  Cumhuriyet, Karakocalı Cd., 07460


HEP (Ozel Hamdullah Eminpasa Koleji): in the historical center on the fortress, the oldest private school in Alanya, education with a mathematical focus.

Çarşı, Hamdullah Emin Pasha Sk. No:26, 07400


Yaşam Tasarım: secondary school and lyceum. Modern building. There is the study of Japanese as a second foreign language.

Oba, Tosunlar Cd. NO:20, 07400


Classica-M: a Russian-language school with instruction in Russian according to the Russian program, which opens up prospects for foreign higher education. There is a kindergarten at the school.

Kestel Mah Isa Küçülmez Cad Fakülte Yolu No 21. Alanya


The second branch of Klasika-M in the Oba district, the Gymnasium Priority school, is currently closed.

Osvitniy Prostir: a Ukrainian training center that recently opened in Alanya. Training in Ukrainian according to the programs of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

- Branches are located in the Oba and Kestel districts, senior and junior schools.


There are many excellent opportunities for children's education in Alanya. Your children will grow up in a hospitable country with a warm climate and a friendly atmosphere. In addition to schools and colleges, Alanya has two universities with a large selection of faculties.

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