Real estate in Gazipasa — opening 2022 and trend 2023

Gazipasa is 20 km away from Alanya, it is a separate city with its own districts and the population of 60 thousand people. Tourism here today is at minimum, locals are occupied with agriculture. There is no industry, and the ecological situation is favorable.

For more than 30 years, the city of Gazipasa has been trying to get into the tourism industry to start developing in it. And, finally, in 2019, Ankara, the federal government of Turkey, approved of the Gazipasa's development as a new resort center. The active building of residences began, information about hotel projects of famous hotel chains appeared shortly after.

Previously, there was no particular market for resort real estate. It is not that it was unprofitable to arrange a construction boom in Gazipasa or that the city was not appealing for the investments. In fact, simply, there was no development plan. Now there is zoning of the area, and major developers are buying out the lands to commence their projects, transforming a previously non-resort ordinary Turkish city into a new tourism center. Many factors contribute to the latter. Real estate Investment attractiveness of Gazipasa
An international airport was opened in Gazipasa in 2011, and it is likely to be expanded. From the airport to a residence is a 5 to 10-minute drive and this is a big pro for investments in terms of receiving profit from rent, which will be consistently high (significantly higher than average rate worldwide, 5% per annum!)

There are wide beaches with a shallow entry to the sea in Gazipasa. There are bays surrounded by cliffs, interesting locations, and picturesque nature.

There is no busy main highway along the seashore, it is located far away from the sea. Beach recreation is calm, without the noises of cars and car pollutions.

The coastline of the most popular beach between the Gazipasa fortress and the red cliffs will not be built up, there will always be a special atmosphere of calmness and relaxation.

The city is already changing and in the new season in 2023 will have a completely different appearance to attract tourists.

Gazipasa is an old inhabited part located closer to the mountains, combined with a partially built-up coast with numerous banana plantations. There is a wide road leading from the old city to the sea along the river, which is now being reconstructed into a promenade area with unique gardens, exotic plants, and fruit shops. This park on the river will attract tourists with its modern look and the beauty of the vegetation.

It won't be less than Belek. Or could it be better?
The authorities are planning to introduce a resort similar to the level of the prestigious Belek. 5-start hotels of famous hotel chains will be built on the coast beside the sea, but not right on the shore in the parking and beach zones. There are very few of them these days in Gazipasa. It has been previously reported in the news that there is a plan to build at least 50 hotels!

How to attract tourists? The airport no longer attracts them. One thing is left - 'to dress up'. 60 hectares of territory will be reconstructed, and Gazipasa will take a completely new look. The state is investing in it, and it means it is time for you to invest too. There are restaurants of famous chains, markets, and services.

Active construction is taking place all over the city to both sides of the D400 highway and along the road to the sea, Uğur Mumcu Cd.

Gazipasa is going from an affordable price category into the golden medium. Many were skeptical about buying property in Gazipasa, but it is obvious now that for many big and high-quality new projects prices for 1+1 start from 90.000 euros at the excavation stage. This is not an economy segment, but there are many premium projects with luxurious architecture and extensive inner infrastructure.

Gazipasa is the near future. This is the very location that one should invest in today.

Gazipasa's real estate is not only attractive for investments, but it is also good to move here for permanent residence since the city has been developed for a long time and has all the necessary infrastructure.

For those who are looking for a place to relocate and settle down, send one's children to Turkish schools and universities, study the Turkish language, and work, Gazipasa is a good and full of prospects option. There is always work for people who speak foreign languages in places where tourism is active, and there are also opportunities for developing one's own business.

A language barrier can be considered a disadvantage, there are not many people today who speak foreign languages, mostly Turkish citizens live here. But it could also be an advantage as Gazipasa, for at least some time, will not exceed the 20% limit of foreigners that can be living among the local population and one can hope for a resident permit which is currently unavailable in many districts of Turkey.

This will also have a positive impact on the demand for apartments rented for long-term in order to obtain a resident permit (this is an additional 20 to 30% to the rent amount compared to the properties that cannot be used for the permit). At the same time, in closed for permits districts, long-term rent will be going down (not daily rent though). Gazipasa will soon surpass the famous Mahmutlar and this is not a joke, it is a reality in 2023.

Our portfolio contains all the construction projects, housing under construction, and completed developments in Gazipasa. Please contact us for a consultation. Stay Property invites buyers for an informational tour where you can learn about different districts, see them for yourself, and choose the optimal for investments location in resort apartments and for quick relocation to Turkey, for obtaining a resident permit or citizenship.

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