Mortgages for Foreigners in Turkey is Available Again. Documents and Loan Terms

Mortgages for real estate in Turkey was unavailable for foreigners since 01/15/2022. As an alternative, all developers offer interest-free installments until the end of construction of the project.

In 2024, installments period was extended after completion of construction  in some projects, but no more than 1 or 1,5 year. For many potential buyers, this period is not enough to pay off the cost of the apartment. But there are no installment plans for finished housing.

In February 2024 banks started the development of mortgage programs for foreigners. And great news that you can get a mortgage right now.

If the entire amount for real estate under a residence permit or passport is not enough, now there is a solution! Let us consider in detail the bank’s conditions for a loan for apartments in Turkey.

Conditions for Mortgage that are Available to Foreigners in Turkey Now:

The loan can be issued for a fully finished or 90% completed property. There are projects that are suitable for a mortgage in our portfolio, and we already have TAPU, as well as secondary finished housing.

You can get a loan in the amount of 50% of the appraised value of the property. These lending conditions are valid for persons who do not own real estate in the territory of the Republic of Turkey.

If the borrower or his family members (spouse and children) own real estate in the territory of the Republic of Turkey, then the loan amount will be a maximum of 25% of the appraised value of the property.

Full or partial early repayment of the loan is permitted, subject to a 2% commission.

Currency and Mortgage Interest in Turkey for Foreigners in 2024

You can get a mortgage in Dollars and Euros.

The monthly rate depends on the loan duration:

  • For 1-5 years - 1.15%.

  • For 5-10 years - 1.25%.

The Prices for Apartments in Turkey for a Mortgage

The choice of options is a minimum of 80,000 Euros for modern 1+1 apartments in the suburbs of the Alanya resort, from 120,000 in Alanya itself. In Istanbul, prices are much higher. Housing in new buildings is always with fine finishing.

But if the buyer plans to obtain a residence permit, the apartment must have a cadastral value of 200,000 dollars, and the area must be open to receiving ikamet. You can learn more on a personal consulting with our specialists.

The object or objects must have a total cadastral value of at least 400,000 dollars to purchase real estate under Turkish citizenship.

Documents Required for Obtaining a Loan to a Foreigner in Turkey for Real Eestate

  • International passport.

  • Salary certificate for the last 3 months with a notarized translation into Turkish.

  • A document confirming the registration address in the country of residence (receipt for utility bills, a copy of the registration page of the internal passport) with a notarized translation into Turkish.

  • Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) in Turkey.

  • A copy of the certificate of ownership of the purchased property.

  • Turkish phone number (for SMS information from the bank).

If the borrower is married, in addition to the documents mentioned above, the following are also required:

  • Spouse's foreign passport.

  • Marriage certificate with notarized translation into Turkish.

  • Written consent of the spouse (personal presence required).

   All these documents must be translated into Turkish and certified by a notary.

   The list of required documents also includes annual insurance policies (home insurance, accident insurance, earthquake insurance). The approximate cost of renewing insurance policies is 750 Euros per year.

You also pay a fee for processing the loan, imposing an encumbrance and expert assessment of the purchased property. Approximate amount 1250 Euro + 0.5% of the loan amount.

*The information is for informational purposes only and is not a public offer.

Mortgage properties in Istanbul and Alanya

The developer company Stay Property is pleased to announce that many of our projects are eligible for a mortgage. You can start the registration process now.

For example, the Exodus Green Hill residential complex in Istanbul has already been put into operation and represents a comfortable modern space for living and recreation. You can request a video from the manager via online chat on the website.

High-quality, affordable housing, built according to modern seismic resistance standards and in accordance with the needs of families with children.

The fenced area of the Exodus Green Hill residence has: an outdoor swimming pool, a children's playground, a tennis and basketball court, a central heating system, a generator, Wi-Fi, satellite TV, and covered parking.

This is an excellent opportunity to live in Istanbul in the best conditions. The cost of 3+1 apartments starts from 205,000 Euro.

The cadastral value is suitable both for a residence permit in the case of purchasing one apartment, and for Turkish citizenship when purchasing two apartments. Passports are received by: the owner, spouse, and their children under 18 years of age.

The complex is located in a comfortable and inhabited residential area of Kartal, just 600 meters from a huge coniferous forest with recreation areas and ponds. Views of the forest and sea.

At the moment, a Mortgage Loan can be issued for the following projects of the STAY PROPERTY company:

  • Exodus Green Hill İstanbul (Iskan received)

  • Exodus Riverside Residence Demirtaş

  • Exodus Resort Comfort City Mahmutlar

  • Exodus Dreams Residence Payallar

Contact the manager online right now and do not miss this opportunity due to the large flow of applications in banks in Istanbul and Alanya. The consultant will answer you online directly on the website, or contact the indicated numbers.

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