Istanbul European side: TOP areas for buying real estate

Immense Istanbul! A unique city located on two continents, both Europe and Asia, at the intersection of main trade routes. Different historical eras also intersected here, each leaving something of its own in Istanbul.

Istanbul initially shocks people who want to move here with its diversity. Finding your place in a huge, immense metropolis is not easy. But the diversity of Istanbul is its feature and trump card. Here everyone will find the optimal area for themselves, they are all different.

The most prestigious areas of European Istanbul overlook the Bosphorus, or the Bosphorus and the Marmara or Black Sea from different sides. Also, the European part of Istanbul is divided into two parts by the Golden Horn Bay. There are areas inside the continent without access to water, but with excellent infrastructure for living.

Shishli (Şişli)

An expensive and prestigious area, neighboring Beyoglu and Sarıyer, located near the Bosphorus Strait. The creative and business elite live here. The development of Sisli is like a competition of different civilizations; old houses with tiled roofs are visible against the backdrop of isolated giant skyscrapers.

As many as 4 metro stations in different parts of the area carry millions of passengers every day. The area is crossed by İstanbul Çevre Yolu, along which there is a metrobus line and bus routes. Roads throughout the area lead in different directions.

Shishli is a profitable area for large investments. A dozen interesting projects are currently being built here on priceless plots of land, and all of them are special. The most interesting projects are near the Bosphorus, a huge park and the Tüpraş stadium, in the very heart of Istanbul.

Kagythane (Kâğıthane) 

The area is located beyond Şişli, even further from the Bosphorus, but has access to the Golden Horn Bay. It is located close to the historical center, and this gives it special value. An excellent area for those who need proximity to the center; comfortable real estate in Sambul is cheaper than in the very center. Kagytkhan has 4 metro stations, a shopping center, a university, and several schools. Woodlands decorate the northern border of the region.

A water canal with walking embankments and parks runs through the entire Kagythane. Many residential complex projects in this area offer reasonable prices. Green, close to the center, excellent transport links. From the point of view of investment, especially for rent, this is a profitable area with its significant advantages.

Besiktas  (Beşiktaş)

The area stretches along the Bosphorus. It is often chosen for living, and even more often for investment. A lot of real estate is being built here, the choice of projects is impressive, and unusual skyscrapers coexist with majestic mosques and palaces. Unfortunately, there is no metro in Besiktas. But here, the pulse of business activity and creative life in Istanbul beats loudly.

Sariyer (Sarıyer)

Another area that is good for buying real estate in Istanbul for living, including luxury villas with swimming pools. One of the largest and most prestigious, home to the elite. Sariyer is located on the shores of both the Bosphorus and the Black Sea, covered with forests and large parks. This is one of the greenest and most picturesque areas of Istanbul.

The Black Sea has beaches and recreation areas. Bridges cross the Bosphorus at different ends of the area. You can quickly get to the airport along the Marmara highway.

It's not just the shores and forests that make Istanbul's popular Sariyer area special. The social infrastructure of the area makes life easier and makes families with children happy. Closer to the center and the E80 trans-European motorway there are 4 prestigious universities.

In the northern part, closer to the Sultan Selim Yavuz Bridge, there are 2 more universities. There are many hospitals and shopping centers here. In general, the area is interesting for investment for rent and capital growth. And even more interesting for family life surrounded by beautiful nature.

Kucukcekmece (Küçükçekmece)

Prestigious western suburb of Istanbul on the shore of a large lake. The area is being actively developed, looks modern and has prospects for infrastructure development. There are many large projects here for those who want to live in residences with hotel-type infrastructure - swimming pools, parks, recreation areas, large enclosed courtyards. Kucukchekmej has great potential for development and large vacant plots of land.

At the intersection of the main routes that run along the borders of the area, there is the Mall of Istanbul, not far from the metro station. There are many old neighborhoods with very dense buildings; they are crossed by numerous transport routes. There are enough hospitals, schools, parks. The railway passes by.

Basaksehir (Başakşehir)

Another area remote from the center with active development. Developers have space to implement grandiose projects. Prices allow them to profitably buy real estate with good infrastructure and recreation areas, large areas and family layouts.

Basaksehir has two stadiums, several hospitals, shopping centers, including the Mall of Istanbul, many schools, and universities. And what is important for buying real estate is that a dozen metro stations cover this area.

The northern border is decorated with a river and forest. A promising option for moving with a family, for investment in the future, and for long-term rent. We have two dozen residential complexes in our portfolio in this area - projects of various sizes, from skyscrapers to cozy low-rise communities with swimming pools. Basaksehir real estate is expensive, but it is worth it.

Beyoglu (Beyoğlu)

The area is located in the most pulsating part of Istanbul, stretching along the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus. There are many historical buildings and embassies in Beyoglu. Here is the famous Taksim Square. The streets are reminiscent of European ones. One of the most ambitious projects is being built on the site of an ancient shipyard, the Terzane project, truly unique.

A tram runs along the Bosphorus, and from Taksim Square the historical red tram takes tourists to the most interesting places in Istanbul. The metro also passes through Beyoğlu. The ITU University campuses and the huge Tüpraş stadium are also located here. It is prestigious to live and work in Beyoğlu. But real estate here is literally worth its weight in gold, and will be a sad addition to your high social status.

Bakirkoy  (Bakırköy)

The old district of Istanbul on the shores of the Sea of Marmara. Many shops and boutiques attract both tourists and residents of Istanbul. Atatürk Airport is located here. The area passes through: metro, railway, tram line, E5 highway. Excellent transport accessibility and proximity to the center are the reasons for the popularity of real estate in Bakirkoy. There are many luxury residential complexes with views of the Marmara Sea, even on the first line.

Eyyupsultan (Eyüpsultan)

A popular tourist area of Istanbul, which stretches along the Golden Horn Bay and right up to the Black Sea coast. Alluring greenery, dotted with forests and gardens. There is not much development, but Eyüpsultan will be actively developed. Transport accessibility and proximity to the center are undoubted advantages. There are several metro stations, and it is profitable to buy real estate in projects under construction near them. Most of them will have gorgeous views of the forest. The airport is located outside the Eyüpsultan district.

Beylikduzu (Beylikdüzü)

Large residential area with active development. There is not much historical value in the Beylikdüzü development; it is more of a location for modern residential construction. Numerous high-rise blocks are intersected by roads. Life is comfortable, although there is not enough metro and different types of transport. There are many schools and hospitals, parks, there is a beach on the shores of the Marmara Sea near West İstanbul Marina.

In Beylikdüzü, you can look for an apartment or villa with views of the Marmara Sea. And not far from your luxurious home, you can moor your favorite yacht. There is an abundance of choice for real estate projects in Beylikdüzü.

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