Istanbul Asian Side: Areas and Features, Real Estate

Istanbul is uniquely located on two continents, on both sides of the Bosphorus Strait and on the shores of the Marmara and Black Seas. Most of the city is on the European side, the smaller part is in Asia, where the bulk of Türkiye is located.

The vast metropolis pleases with a choice of housing for any request. To make it easier for you to explore the city, on the website, in the real estate section, Istanbul is divided into Europe and Asia, as well as into regions, and there are other filters for easy searching.

Asia, that is, the Asian side of Istanbul, Anadolu Yakası in Turkish, includes the following areas and neighborhoods:

Adalar, or Princes' Islands, is a group of nine islands off the coast of mainland Istanbul in the Sea of Marmara. Among them there are corners of wild nature and populated islands with residential streets, infrastructure, hotels, and marinas. Some of them have many hotels and beaches. Yassyada, known as the Island of Democracy and Freedom, an open-air museum, stands out. There is not a lot of real estate in Adlar.

Ataşehir is the business center of Asia, decorated with skyscrapers, where people commute to work fr om residential areas. Expensive and elite, located at the junction of transcontinental highways E-80 and D100. Ataşehir is a unique area with a large number of skyscrapers and the most ambitious, vibrant projects. Also known for business activity, offices of large companies. You can purchase real estate in Ataşehir for any purpose and plans, the choice is huge.

430 thousand people live in Ataşehir. Here is the Gazi Osman Pasha golf club, the grandiose Metropol complex, shopping and entertainment centers Optimum, Palladium, AVM with fountain shows, and other shopping and entertainment centers, as well as 15 hospitals, luxury hotels, parks, a botanical garden, 5 universities, 150 schools and educational centers, sports complexes and a lot of social infrastructure, transport branches. Ataşehir is an investment area wh ere the most active development is taking place. Skyscrapers create a unique modern silhouette. This is Istanbul that has stepped into the future. For moving to Türkiye for permanent residence, apartments in Ataşehir are ideal/ There is everything for living, studying, working, and raising children.

Üsküdar is a neighboring area overlooking the Bosphorus with a beautiful long embankment, the historical center of the city. There are many monuments, attractions, interesting tourist locations and architectural monuments significant for Istanbul, such as the huge Çamlıca Mosque. The underwater Eurasian tunnel and the Bosphorus Bridge on July 16 pass here, continuing the D100 and E80 highways. There is also the Marmaray metro line. Üsküdar is a center of trade, which has been facilitated throughout the history of Istanbul by the location of the area and its transport accessibility.

There are many panoramic parks and sports areas in Üsküdar; in general, the area is comfortable and lived-in.

Üsküdar is strewn with red tiled roofs. There are few high-rise anthills here, especially closer to the 15-kilometer embankment. More than 500 thousand people live in this area, there are 3 schools and lyceums, 3 universities, an art college, and 2 dozen clinics. In general, this is the same historical center where it is comfortable and beautiful, and a magnificent panorama of the Bosphorus opens fr om the windows of the most expensive real estate.

Ümraniye is a large residential area, as people say, a working area with a population of Turkish citizens. Women on the streets mostly wear headscarves. Turkish families live in quiet blocks of apartment buildings. Here you can find budget real estate options for both rent and purchase, but this place is not always suitable for foreigners.

Ümraniye has a large number of all kinds of shops on the first floors of houses; here you can buy everything you need for life at reasonable prices. Many factories and enterprises are located there. A million people live in the huge Ümraniye region, and they have everything they need for a comfortable stay. The area is the standard of the Turkish way of life. Colorful, cozy, unique.

Kadıköy is the beginning of Istanbul, a tourism and entertainment district, an expensive historical center on the shores of the Sea of Marmara, luxury real estate, and it is prestigious to own it. The area has seen many conquerors and rulers. The highway and the Eurasian tunnel, ferry routes, railway, and metro pass through Kadıköy. The embankments of the area are always full of people.

The creative elite of Istanbul flourishes here, many young people, families with children walk along the numerous parks. There are many hospitals, schools, universities in Kadıköy. Fenerbahce Stadium is located here. Baghdad Boulevard pleases lovers of shopping and boutiques, restaurants, cafés, and concerts. Life is in full swing in this area, largely due to its habitability, very developed infrastructure and favorable location.

Maltepe is a prestigious coastal suburb, with luxury projects, picturesque nature, and the coastline of the Sea of Marmara. The windows of expensive real estate offer views of the Princes' Islands and green mountains. The park in Maltepe is the largest in the world, with an area of 1 million 200,000 square meters. You can buy a villa in Maltepe right next to the sea.

Beykoz is an area of forests and magnificent natural masterpieces. But it is not without architectural masterpieces. Particularly interesting for those who are looking for their dream villa with views of the Bosphorus or the Black Sea. One of the largest areas, and most of it, about 65%, was taken over by nature, not yielding picturesque landscapes to people.

Beykoz is connected to the Sariyer district in European Istanbul by two bridges. Route 0-7 leads to the airport. Ferry crossings allow you to travel with personal transport. Beykoz has many picturesque beaches on the Black Sea. The area is suitable for purchasing real estate for those tired of high-rise buildings and crowds, and for lovers of beach holidays and nature hikes.

Kartal is a large residential area adjacent to the huge Aidos forest on one side and the Sea of Marmara on the other. This is a kind of symbiosis of old secondary housing and modern residential complexes. Kartal by the sea is different fr om Kartal on both sides of the main highway D-100 and Kartal inland, located on a hill.

A quiet area for a comfortable life, with an excellent transport system and road connections to the business centers of Istanbul. The embankment is 7.5 km long with lush greenery and beautiful parks. Hospitals, shopping centers, schools, and sports grounds are located along the entire perimeter of the area. We recommend buying an apartment in Kartal for families with children. This is one of the best areas for family life, especially for those who love the forest, nature, and walks by the sea.

Pendik is an area, half of which is occupied by green mountain landscapes, part is reserved for the Sabiha Gökçen airport, and there are large well-kept parks on the shores of the Sea of Marmara. Here you can find both villas and apartments. Convenient area, but remote from the historical center and the strait.

Sancaktepe is a residential area far from the center, but with a transcontinental highway, active construction, business centers and development prospects.

Sultanbeyli is a small inland area with no access to water. The E-80 highway passes through it. An ordinary residential area, bordered on both sides by forests. Sultanbeyli has a beautiful modern İBB Gölet park with a pond; it is a favorite vacation spot for families with children.

Tuzla is the outermost district of Asian Istanbul on the side of the city of Gebze, far from the center and all business activity, offices, companies. An area of factories and industrial zones, with buildings closer to the shores of the Sea of Marmara and a large shipyard. There are mainly 5-6 storey residential buildings here, and you can find budget apartment options. Hospitals, schools, parks - everything is there for a quiet family life.

Çekmeköy is an inland area without access to water. Its territory is mainly occupied by forests and roads, there is not much building here, residential areas are concentrated on the side of the Atasehir district.

Şile is for those who want to live in Istanbul near the sea, go to the beach, and not feel the excess of city rhythms. There's even a surf school! The beaches are uncrowded and wide. There are many hotels wh ere residents of Istanbul come for a weekend to recuperate and enjoy the Black Sea. A kind of low-rise seaside suburb. You can look for a dream cottage for yourself so that you can periodically leave big Istanbul. This is its farthest outskirts on the Black Sea coast, wh ere people take a break from the city.

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