How to make money on real estate in Turkey

Foreign investors are interested in Turkish real estate because the cost of it is always increasing. It’s possible to earn up to 100% of the property cost per year. There is no country in Europe that can guarantee such a high investment income.

How To Make Profit In Real Estate In Turkey?

There are several ways to make money by buying real estate in Turkey:

  1. Purchase to rent. You can buy an apartment or a villa and rent them out for long-term or short-term rent to tourists or locals. Rental income can be rather large.

  2. Investments in real estate under construction. You can invest in real estate under construction and sell it when the construction will be done with a profit. However, this option requires some knowledge and experience in the real estate market. It is profitable to cooperate with the developer Stay Property. The company works in the most popular tourist cities of Turkey and builds economy and premium class real estate. This is a reliable developer who has been working on the market for more than 10 years.

  3. Property resale. If you have found a good property at a bargain price, you can resell it with a profit when market conditions become more favorable.

  4. Participation in joint development projects. There are many projects where investors can participate by investing money into the construction of real estate in Turkey. The income from such projects can be significant, but the risks can also be high. Such objects include hotel rooms, business centers, and other buildings used in business or industry.

These are basic ways to make money with real estate in Turkey.

3 Quick Ways to Making Profit

There are several rules that make investments successful.

  1. Buying a property that will be popular among tourists or native citizens. It is recommended to buy real estate in modern residential complexes that fully comply with modern construction standards. There are developed infrastructure, the presence of a swimming pool, and proximity to the beach that guarantee the number of people willing to rent a house. A long-term lease will allow you to return the investment faster.

  2. Buying real estate near large projects. A large number of developing projects are in Turkey. Developers offer beautiful and fully ready-to-move residential complexes. Real estate, which is located next to such complexes, also increases in price. This is due to the fact that modern residential complexes have a developed infrastructure.

  3. Purchase a real estate under construction. In this case, it is possible to save up to 40% of the cost of the object. Developers often offer interest-free installments until the end of the construction. You can buy apartments or villas of economy or premium class. Specialists are ready to offer options in compliance with your needs and financial capabilities.

Property in Turkey is particularly popular in tourist regions. It is better to buy it in Alanya, Antalya, Kemer, Side, Istanbul, and Marmaris. The real estate in the cities is in high demand. So, it will be easy to resell it if necessary. The price increase allows you to earn money quickly. If the value of the property is more than 400,000 euros, then the investor immediately receives Turkish citizenship. A residence permit is granted if the cost of the object is more than 200,000 euros.

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