How safe is real estate investment in Turkey

Many foreign investors are interested in Turkish real estate. They want to make investments safe that’s why they read information about the nuances of a deal and the feature to return money if it is necessary. So, let’s check whether buying property in Turkey is safe for foreigners.

What You Need To Know To Invest In Turkish Real Estate

There are several nuances that you should know about before investing in Turkish real estate.

  1. Payment is made in euros, dollars, or in the national currency.

  2. You can get a mortgage in one of the banks in Turkey, but the rates are high.

  3. There will still be financial costs for concluding contracts for electricity, water, maintenance of the common area, and so on after the purchase of real estate.

  4. You will have to pay taxes after having bought an apartment or villa in Turkey. A list of current taxes for foreigners can be found on the website of the Turkish Tax Service. The lawyer can answer the question about the current taxes at the time of the transaction.

  5. It is recommended to take out insurance in case of an earthquake or other cataclysms.

If you want to secure your investments, then contact the Stay Property company. The developer offers a large number of high-quality housing under construction and already built.

How To Protect Your Real Estate Investment

Below you will find several tips to make safe investments.

  1. Use the help of a lawyer. He will tell you about the dangers and help you avoid them. The specialist will monitor each stage of the transaction to make sure that it is legal.

  2. The signing of the contract of sale must take place at the notary. This is an important point of Turkish legislation. If the deal is not notarized, it is not recognized.

  3. It is recommended to avoid paying in cash. It is best to transfer money through a bank in lira, euro, or dollars. In this case, there will be proof of the transaction.

  4. There are many real estate agencies in Turkey. Use their help to guarantee a safe transaction.

  5. Check all documents with the developer if you plan to buy a home under construction. Do not hesitate to contact a lawyer for help.

  6. Study the real estate market in Turkey. Do not contact the seller if the cost is significantly lower than the market. There is a high probability of a problem.

These are basic tips to make a successful investment.

How The Agency Ensures The Safety Of The Transaction

The real estate agencies help in the search for an object, check it for legal purity, and help in the execution of the transaction. Many companies offer after-sales service, which allows you to earn income from purchased real estate.

You can also contact the developer for the same services. Stay Property Company is ready to help and offer a large number of objects in accordance with your financial capabilities and needs.

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