Where to buy property in Turkey when moving for permanent residence: Oba district

Center of Alanya is the most active quarters where life is in full swing all year round. A neighboring district is Oba, to the East of the center. The district is divided by Alanya-Mersin highway into lower, coastal Oba, and upper Oba, stretching towards the mountain. Properties of both districts are ideal for relocation, especially, for those families who have children.

This district is primarily chosen by Norwegians, Finns, Germans, Swedes, and Europeans in general. It is beautiful, comfortable, and well though-out just like they love. Lower Oba is a densely built-up area with a significant number of aging housing stock; however, there are also huge luxurious complexes with hotel infrastructure for recreation on their territories. Upper Oba is more modern, both big residential complexes consisting of multiple buildings and smaller ones for one or two houses are being built here.

This is a low-rise district, which gives the surroundings a special kind of coziness. Besides, Oba is very green with numerous orange gardens and green islands, and the windows offer views on the mountains, sea, trees and shrubs, and modern properties.

You are only 3-5 km away from the city center, while Oba can be considered an administrative center of Alanya; the mayor office has moved here. Metro shopping center, Alanyum Mall, household supermarket Koctas, appliances hypermarket Vatan, and the biggest supermarket Migros are located alongside the main highway. There is also the largest public hospital in Oba, both new and modern. Next to the hospital, specialized private clinics are located, which are visited specifically by tourists on medical tourism programs. A number of pharmacies are also located nearby.

A private school with curriculum in the Russian language has been recently opened in Upper Oba. There are also prestigious schools such as Aşağıoba Hasan Atıcı new School, Bahçeşehir Alanya College, Ted Alanya College as well as many public schools. There is also a private school, Waldorf, and other educational centers for any age. Keykubat University is 2-3 km away from your home and has multiple faculties. It is actually a branch of a famous Turkish University, education at which is highly valued around the world and will secure a good job for your children.

Oba also has bowling, volleyball and basketball courts, a football field, and tennis courts. There are plenty of playgrounds and outdoor fitness equipment.

Oba is the only district of Alanya that has such a concentration of key infrastructure. All districts are actively developing, one has a college, another has a big supermarket and a huge market offering an abundance of goods. But, in general, if you want to settle permanently, and not to buy a type of summerhouse, Oba district will be the best option in this regard. It meets the needs of all family members.

It is worth drawing your attention to the large selection of real estate in Oba. You will find both simple secondary properties without pools and modern residences. For those who has the time to wait till the end of construction, a number of deals at the excavation stage are appearing constantly, and one can buy an apartment in Oba at a very good price paying for the housing in installments until the end of construction, which approximately takes up to 1.5 -2 years on average. A down payment is usually set at 30% with some of the developers rarely offering a 20% for the initial payment.

You can look at the properties in Oba district by following this link to the catalog on our website.

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