Best Cities to Live in Turkey

This is the list of the best cities to live in Turkey. There are tourist cities only with the developed
infrastructure. They offer the economy and premium class property. It’s possible to purchase villas and
apartments. Stay Property Company is ready to offer you many variants of real estate in the most
popular tourist cities.

Where Young People Will Like To Live

Young people need the developed infrastructure. They are interested in shops, nightclubs, good
transport system, fitness, and so on. There are several cities that will be suitable for them.
  1. Istanbul. There is a large amount of all the necessary infrastructure for young people. There are also several leading educational institutions in Turkey. If you have a residence permit and a work permit, then business centers will be interesting for you too. There are a large number of business centers in some districts where you can work.
  2. Antalya. This is a great place for beach lovers during the day and outdoor activities at night. Here are some of the best Turkish beaches, excellent nightclubs, amusement parks, and so on.
  3. Belek. This is a small tourist city, so young people will be able to find something to do here. There are several other small tourist cities with developed infrastructure, where it is easy to find something interesting for young people. These are Mersin, Marmaris, Kemer, Bodrum.

Best Places For Families

Some people move to Turkey with families. There are many schools for Russians, French, British, and so on. As a result, the amount of foreigners is always increasing. These are the best cities to live with a family:
  1. Istanbul. There are several quiet areas with lots of parks. There are a large number of schools in this city where foreign children can study. The city has a low crime rate.
  2. Alanya also offers several international schools where foreign children can study. There is a soft climate, developed infrastructure, and many cafes and shops. It is recommended to buy property in such districts as Mahmutlar, Oba, or Kestel. They are the most developed districts, and the cost of real estate is growing faster than in other districts.
  3. Marmaris is a quiet city that is developing dynamically. This is a great option for couples of any age. There are a sea, cafes, and shops. The cost of real estate is lower than in Alanya and Istanbul.
  4. Mersin is a small city that is developing fast. There are few offers for young people, they come here just for a beach holiday.
  5. Manavgat. This city is located next to Side between Alanya and Kemer. It is possible to go to Alanya and Kemer by bus for shopping or to have a rest. You can find property for young people and for families from the developer. Just contact Stay Property specialist to get the necessary help in purchasing real estate under construction or that is already built.

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