Autumn and winter in Alanya. Is it worth flying, pros and cons, prices

The heat is over and autumn come in Turkey. Everyone can enjoy the sea air at a pleasant temperature and walk along the Mediterranean coast. This is the time in Alanya that all locals and expats adore. Is it worth flying to live in Turkey in autumn and staying for the winter? Many people choose this option for a number of reasons.

Autumn in Turkey is a comfortable time. It can be cool in the evening and at night, but during the day the sun warms the coast. All advertising booklets tell us that Alanya has 300 sunny days a year. So it is, although in winter it rains, where would we be without them. There is windy weather. But in general, you can get by with light jackets.

You can safely swim in the sea until mid-October. Even winter doesn’t stop some people fr om swimming.

Average temperature in Alanya by month outside the hot holiday season:

  • September 31°

  • October 27°

  • November 22°

  • December 18°

  • January 16°

  • February 17°

  • March 20°

  • April 22°

  • May 26°

There is no heating in Alanya apartments, and it is not needed. Air conditioners and other equipment are used for heating. Some apartments are with heated floors. For wintering, it is better to choose an apartment with a southern facade.

Pros of autumn and winter in Alanya, Türkiye:

  • Mild, warm climate

  • Green and beautiful nature all year round

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits all year round

  • Lower prices than in season

  • Not so much people

  • Comfortable for walking

  • No snow, no need for winter clothes

  • Healthy mountain-sea air

  • There are available apartments in TOP complexes and, in general, rental prices are falling

Autumn and winter in Alanya are the ideal time to buy real estate. There are discounts from owners who urgently need to sell their property. There is no heat, it’s comfortable to go to viewings.

Where to find apartments for rent in Turkey for autumn and winter?

Offers can be found on social networks, Telegram channels, and ad sites. But the easiest way is to contact the Stay Property rental department, and a qualified specialist will sel ect the best option for you fr om a large database of offers.

What are the prices for real estate for rent in Alanya in autumn and winter?

You shouldn't expect flashy discounts, but apartment rental prices drop by 20-30% outside the holiday season. You can find a 1+1 apartment in an old building without infrastructure from 300 Euros, in new complexes - from 500 Euros. In prestigious complexes with full infrastructure, you can rent an apartment in Alanya for the winter from 700 Euros.

As a rule, short-term apartment rentals charge a cleaning fee upon departure. You should also clarify whether aidat is included in the rental price, take meter readings in order to pay for the communications you use after the fact. A refundable security deposit is always provided.

How to choose an apartment in Alanya for wintering?

It all depends on the needs. But do not forget that appetite comes with eating. You will communicate with compatriots, find out how they live in their residences and complexes. And if you save a hundred or two Euros, you may be left without pleasant leisure time. We are talking about the covered internal infrastructure of residential complexes.

Complexes may have complete or incomplete infrastructure (social areas). When full, the residence has an indoor pool wh ere you can swim in winter. In the absence of a busy beach holiday, having a swimming pool in a residential complex is useful and pleasant, especially for families with children.

It is worth noting that the seasonality factor is felt less and less in Alanya. Many foreigners live here permanently, the city's population is growing by 4% every year. In winter, everything works, although not in the same mode as in summer.

What to do in Alanya when you arrive for the winter?

There are many options to suit every taste and budget:

  • Hiking in the mountains

  • Excursions

  • Fishing

  • Mushroom hunting

  • Hiking to all sorts of new places

  • Various sports, clubs, sections

  • Yoga, fitness

  • Language learning

  • Meditations, trainings

  • Running, cycling

  • Mafia, board games, interest clubs

  • Visiting unique cafes and restaurants in panoramic locations

  • Restaurants and recreation areas on the Dim Chay River

  • Trips to remote tourist destinations

  • Trips to the mysterious east of Turkey

  • Weekend tours to magical Istanbul

  • Reading books, self-education

The list goes on, these are not all the leisure options in Alanya in winter.

It is worth noting that Turkey is included in the TOP 15 UNESCO list of countries with the largest number of world heritage sites. It ranks 14th with its 21 properties, the list can be found at

“What are the prices in Turkey 2023? Everything has become much more expensive?”

This question is included in the TOP 3 FAQ. You can add your shopping cart on the websites of Turkish supermarkets, for example, This will serve as a good budget guide.

What should you remember to do before flying to Alanya for the winter?

It is advisable to take out travel medical insurance for the entire period of your stay. This can be done online by choosing a reliable provider of such a service. Or locally in Turkey by contacting the insurance company.

Many medicines are sold in Turkey only by prescription. Therefore, you should take the necessary medications with you for the entire period of your stay. But Turkey is famous for the absence of counterfeit medicines and their high quality, so many tourists apply for prescription analogue drugs and take them home upon returning from Turkey, naturally - in the permitted quantity.

If you do not rule out that you will want to stay in Turkey longer than the visa regime allows, study in advance the list of documents required to apply for a residence permit. It’s better to take them just in case, because can make you falling in love. Many people stay for living here unexpectedly.

Is winter depressing? Go to warm Türkiye!

Autumn and winter in Turkey, as we wrote earlier, are great for choosing and purchasing real estate. Stay Property and Stay Rental experts will help you with both renting and buying an apartment in Alanya. You are welcome! Contacts are listed on the website, you can also leave a request through the form to contact the manager online.

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