Apartment Prices In Turkey 2023 And Factors Affecting Them

Apartments prices in Turkey 2023 are very attractive that’s why many foreign investors are focused on the real estate of the country. It’s easy to find apartments of the premium and the economy class. Stay Property company is ready to help you to find real estate in compliance with your financial features and demands.

Price of Apartments in Turkey Compared with The European Continent

Apartments for sale in Turkey are cheaper than in Europe due to the weak national currency. You can find apartments 1+1 that are under construction for $70,000. Even the real estate for sale in the premium class is not very expensive. It’s easy to buy a flat or a villa from the developer or the owner.

Property Market Trends

Thereal estate prices in Turkey are increasing up to 100% per year. The most popular cities among foreign investors are:

·         Alanya;

·         Antalya;

·         Istanbul.

There are many developing projects where you can purchase apartments and villas for low prices.

The Apartments Prices in Turkey Istanbul

There are many apartments for sale and the price depends on many factors:

·         distance from the sea and center;

·         access to facilities like SPA, private swimming pool, terrace, aquapark, restaurant, concierge, barbecue areas, walking areas, library, guest apartments, and so on;

·         flat’s area;

·         technical condition of the object.

It’s just a part of the factor that affects prices in Turkey. As for Istanbul, you can purchase apartments for $100,000.

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