5 reasons to invest in a 1+1 apartment

Many people are ready to invest money to purchase 1+1 apartments in Turkey. It is worth considering
the reasons that make investors buy such property.

Who Is Interested In 1+1 Apartments

The apartments are perfect for 1 or 2 persons only. So, it is also convenient for the new family with a
baby. As for investors, people with low budgets and beginners prefer these objects. There are many
variants on the market that’s why you can find apartments of the economy and premium class.

Why It Is Profitable To Buy 1+1 Apartments

Here are reasons to buy this type of apartment:
  1. Rather low price. These apartments are relatively cheaper than larger units, making them an excellent investment option for first-time buyers or people with a low budget.
  2. High rental demand among young professionals and students who prefer to live alone or with a roommate. Invest in this type of real estate to get a stable income monthly.
  3. Maintenance and cleaning are easier and faster than in other apartments.
  4. The annual cost increase for the property is by 100%.
  5. High liquidity guarantees a return on investment and additional income.

Just contact Stay Property developer to buy 1+1 apartment in Turkey. The company offers many options under construction and already built in tourist cities.

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