10 reasons to buy property in Istanbul

Buying real estate in Istanbul will be a great decision, as this city is famous for its rich culture and economy. Territorially located in Europe and Asia. If you decide to buy a house or apartment in Istanbul, then you are provided with several bonuses.

Reasons to buy real estate in Istanbul

Istanbul is a Turkish city that is positioned as an ideal place for business development. It has a resilient and constantly growing economy and is also renowned for its high standard of living. Many people are permanently relocating to Istanbul to fulfill their needs. Let's look at the main advantages of buying real estate in Istanbul.

Developing region and investment outlook

Considering the purchase of real estate in Istanbul from the point of view of investment can be a wise decision. Thanks to such an investment in a relatively short period you can significantly increase the capital. It is all about the active progress of the city, which directly affects the cost of apartments and private houses.

Obtaining residency

It is no secret that buying real estate in almost all countries is an excellent solution for obtaining citizenship. Turkey is no different and most applications for residency are made in Istanbul.

The procedure for obtaining residency is very fast and does not require much effort. It should be taken into account that Turkey offers investment apartments and houses that are allocated specifically for visiting tourists who wish to obtain citizenship.

A wide range of real estate

The range of real estate in Istanbul will amaze even seasoned tourists. There are luxury towers to choose from, low-family and light apartments in small houses, as well as luxury villas for investment.

Not to forget the diverse variations of the surrounding landscape. In Istanbul, you will find real estate near the sea or in a green area. This is an important advantage that makes the purchase of real estate in this city so popular.

Transportation accessibility

Transportation is considered a very important criterion for big cities like Istanbul. In this regard, Turkey has always had a high level of transportation accessibility, which makes moving around the city a very pleasant and intuitive process. Tourists and locals in Istanbul can use metro buses, subways, mini-buses, streetcars, trains, cabs, and boats. Boat cabs are considered a very popular service.

Tourist value

Istanbul is home to many attractions that are popular with tourists around the world. Some of the most famous ones include the Hagia Sophia Cathedral, the Blue Mosque, and Topkapi. Istanbul stands out for the huge traffic of tourists who come for the new emotions of advanced shopping, nightlife, and archaeological museums. So much advanced culture directly affects the price of real estate.

Investment value of real estate

 At the end of 2022, based on Endeksa data, the price of one square meter in the city of Istanbul was 1200 dollars. In the center area, the price per square meter reached up to 3600 dollars.

Comfortable climate

In terms of climate, Istanbul stands out for its moderate temperatures. During the winter period, there are a lot of sunny days. At the same time, the summer is not very hot. In simple words, the climate in Turkey and Istanbul, in particular, is more than comfortable.

Fast-growing economy

Istanbul is known to be the economic capital of Turkey. It is not surprising that the economy in this city is at a high level and is constantly developing. In Istanbul, there are a huge number of medium and high-level enterprises. Therefore, there are no problems with employment, and real estate is becoming more expensive every year.

Standard of living

Turkey ranks among the leading European countries in terms of living standards. Istanbul is an ever-evolving city of about 15 million people. It has a lot of jobs and opportunities for starting a business and investing in real estate. Turkey is among the leading European countries in terms of living standards. Istanbul is an ever-evolving city of about 15 million people. There are a lot of jobs and opportunities for starting a business and investing in real estate.

Sanctions-based security of finance

In recent years, the real estate market in the Turkish city of Istanbul has advanced significantly. At the moment, residential and commercial real estate is in great demand, so that the return on financial investment and their safety is guaranteed.


Summarizing the purchase of a real estate in Istanbul can be safely stated that such investments are more than justified. To date, Turkey is considered a very favorable country for earnings on private homes and apartments. At the same time, having decided to purchase real estate can expect support from the state, which does not depend on the presence of citizenship.

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